At Dallas, we have 30+ years of servo feed design and manufacturing experience… and we continue to innovate. Each model of servo feed from Dallas has a pivoting upper roll lift for better gear mesh and even roll pressure, greasable roller bearings for maximum durability and comes with our exclusive ProfileSelect software that minimizes stress and jerk.

Dallas servo feeds are available in models from 6 to 84 inches wide with material thickness capacities from .010 up to .750 and speeds up to 300 strokes per minute. Additional standard mechanical features include cluster gear driven upper rolls, pneumatic pilot release, heavy duty entry support roll assemblies with overhead trap rolls, AC brushless servo motors coupled to precision gear boxes, matte finished chrome feed rolls, and adjustable entry edge guides.  Our servo feed controls include numerous standard features, along with options such as zig-zag motion, gag feeding and dual axis (push-pull) controls.


Standard Features

  • Widths from 6” to 36”
  • Solid, matte chrome surfaced rolls for superior grip
  • Pneumatic roll lift and pilot release
  • Press mounting bracket
  • Slide and clamp edge guides
  • Curved stock support with overhead trap roll

Optional Features Include

  • Adjustable height cabinet
  • Hand crank single and triple roll edge guides
  • Addition of stock lubricator and/or pull thru straightener


Standard Features

  • Widths from 12” to 48”
  • Dual cylinder pneumatic roll lift and pilot release
  • Adjustable height cabinet
  • Hand crank adjusted edge guides
  • Curved stock support with overhead trap roll

Optional Features Include

  • Motorized cabinet height adjustment
  • Heavy-duty, hand crank adjusted double roll edge guides
  • AutoSet for edge guides and passline height
  • Addition of stock lubricator and/or pull thru straightener


Standard Features

  • Widths from 12” to 84”
  • Massive side plates with cartridge flange bearings
  • Adjustable height cabinet
  • Double roll, mill duty hand crank adjusted edge guides
  • Curved stock support with overhead trap roll

Optional Features Include

  • Motorized cabinet height adjustment
  • AutoSet for edge guides and passline height
  • Addition of stock lubricator and/or pull thru straightener


Zig-Zag feeds provide a great way to minimize material scrap when running circle blanks. Dallas’ reputation as a leader in zig zag feed technology is well-earned.

  • Program provides recommended strip advance length and lateral length based on operator entry of pattern, blank diameter and web thickness.
  • The feed index is made simultaneously with the cross slide lateral move.
  • Feed is mounted to a linear bushing support base which travels perpendicular to stock flow on case hardened guide shafts.

Dallas servo feeds with pull-thru straighteners are engineered, built and have the power to easily handle materials up to 0.500 inch thick and widths from 6 up to 84 inches. They are best utilized in progressive die and transfer-type stamping operations. The close proximity of the straightener to the press tooling facilitates rapid flatness correction of coil stock as it is being processed. Pull-thru straighteners are available in 5, 7, 9, and 11 roll versions with roll diameters from 2 ¼” to 5”. Additional features can include LCD readouts, powered and air operated pinch rolls, automatic disengage clutch, chrome and polished rolls and even a pivoting straightening head for true pilot release.


Feeder_StraightenerThis photo shows a cabinet mounted servo feed with pull thru straightener. This compact and affordable design is ideal for progressive die applications as it is equipped with our piloting pull thru straightener which lifts the upper straightener rolls to enhance proper pilot registration. This feed is also equipped with an automatic lube system and our touch screen controls system with ProfileSelect.


Piloting-Head-StraightenerTo add even more versatility to a servo feed with pull thru straightener, consider adding our unique Piloting Head Straightener. This option allows the upper straightener rolls to lift during pilot registration making it a great feature to include on a progressive die application. By releasing the upper straightener rolls, the pilot pins can locate easily as the material will not be bound in the straightener rolls. The Dallas Pilot Head Straightener uses a unique ToggleLock closing mechanism to assure the head stays closed when straightening material.

Dallas Powered Straighteners have a reputation for durability and running the most demanding materials while meeting and often exceeding material flatness requirements. Standard features include gear driven and individually adjustable straightening rolls, separate and larger cluster gear driven entry and exit pinch rolls, heavy side plates, bearings with inner and outer races, hardened rolls, heavy beveled gear or jack-type adjustment. Dallas drive packages include AC vector drives with controls that can be synchronized with the feed for advanced slack loop control. Depending on the application, a number of features/options can be supplied including: matte or smooth chrome finished pinch rolls, high flight back-up rolls, AutoSet automation package, and easy access opening for straightener roll cleaning.



  • Two straightener model available – DPS-2.25 & DPS-3.0
  • Widths from 6” to 48”
  • All rolls are solid (not tubing)
  • Entry & exit pinch rolls with split gear train to reduce drivetrain stress
  • 7, 9, or 11 roll configurations available
  • Options include: automatic lube system, hand crank edge guides, backup rolls (including Hi-Flight style for AHSS), peeler/threader devices, laser loop control, SyncLoop, and digital roll position readouts


  • Three straightener roll diameters available – DPS-3.5, DPS-4.2 & DPS-5.0
  • Widths from 12” to 84”
  • Available Hi-Flight backup rolls for maximum rigidity when running HSLA & AHSS
  • Deep roll penetration to assist in removing coil set from aluminum and AHSS
  • 7, 9, or 11 roll configurations available
  • Options include: Hi-Flight backup rolls and outboard journal end supports, automatic lube system, hand crank edge guides, peeler/threader/restrictor devices, SyncLoop and AutoSet

Dallas engineers a wide variety of reel sizes and configurations to meet your current requirements as well as future needs. With coil weight capacities ranging from 1,500 to 60,000 lb. in stock width capacities from 12 to 84 in. wide, we have you covered. Reels can be manufactured as either motorized (AC drive) or pull-off (drag brake) depending on which is best suited for your application.  Dallas reels are built with superb quality that includes the use of pillow-block bearings, heavy-duty cabinets, and only well-known brand names of supplied components.  Standard features on our reel include wedge or link type expansion, manual or hydraulic expansion (and/or hydraulic threading drives), coil keepers and loop controls. Options include various loop controls (laser, photo electric, etc.), brakes designs including failsafe designs, hold down coil restrictors, and load cars.


  • Widths to 84” wide
  • Coil Weights to 60,000 Lbs.
  • Manual and hydraulic mandrel expansion available, depending on size of reel.
  • Options including hold down arms, drum mandrel, AC drives, hydraulic threading drives, coil guide rollers (with auto coil centering) and various loop controls.

  • Ideal for simple loading and unloading of coils
  • Load car has either 18” or 24” of lift
  • Options for the load car includes narrow coil supports, remote pendant, auto coil centering and integrated coil upender.

  • Widths to 60” wide (consult factory for wider)
  • Coil Weights to 20,000 Lbs.
  • Manual and hydraulic mandrel expansion available, depending on size of reel.
  • Options including hold down arms, drum mandrel, AC drives, hydraulic threading drives, hydraulic rotation, coil guide rollers (with auto coil centering) and various loop controls.
  • Can also be equipped with load car.

Dallas coil cradle capacities range from 4,000 to 50,000 lbs. and come standard with heavy-duty cabinets and side plates built to stand up to your toughest jobs. Features include full width powered nest rolls, adjustable side plates, AC variable speed drives, and cluster geared pinch rolls. Both pinch rolls and nest rolls are powered from a common cradle drive. Optional overhead, enclosed loop deflectors and guide-chutes direct the flow of the material and provide easy loading. Powered straighteners can be added to this configuration. Alternatively, cradle/straightener combo units (slack loop in front) are also available.


CRADLE--STRAIGHTENER-COMBOCradle/Straightener Combo – This design combines the cradle and powered straightener into a single piece.  The material is decoiled from the top and is driven into a slack loop in front of the straightener.  A servo feed can be cabinet or press mounted to complete the feed line.  Optional “hands-free” threading devices can be added to optimize operator safety.


CRADLE-WITH--OVERHEAD--DEFLECTORCradle with Overhead Deflector – this is a common configuration for a cradle line.  The coil is driven via the cradle nest rolls and a pinch roll assembly up the overhead deflector where the loop is stored.  The material travels down the chute to a servo feed with pull thru straightener for an effective and compact, heavy gage feed line. Alternatively, a powered straightener may replace the pinch roll in the cradle base if desired.  Numerous options can be added to help safely process thick materials.

Whether you’re looking for used equipment, or need your current machines refurbished, look to the experts in press feed technology. Our craftsmen specialize in machine renewal and we are best-equipped to handle your used or refurbished needs. The photos below illustrate the painstaking process we go through to get machines to as like-new as possible. And what’s in it for you? It may be as simple as economics. We can retrofit and restore and the economics can be truly dramatic.  But it’s more than “skin deep.” It’s the construction. The mechanics. The electronics and all that goes into getting your machine back to its most useful and profitable operation.



Dallas air feeds are available in 6 different models with capacities for standard and heavy-duty press feed requirements. Dallas air feeds will handle material widths up to 84” and run .010” to .500” material thickness. A properly sized and equipped air feed system will make an economical and efficient press partner for many low to medium speed applications. Ruggedly constructed, accurate and dependable, Dallas air feeds include standard features such as pilot pin release and mechanical digital stroke readout to enhance performance. Optional features are recommended for specific application requirements. Most air feeds are equipped with a pull thru straightener as a compact feeder straightener combination and are available with 5, 7, 9, or 11 straightening rolls to meet all flatness requirements.